Bespoke websites for the small business

Really, your own website that isn't the same as all the other ones you've seen. How can that be? Because you are going to design it yourself

You might say, "I can't afford that, haven't got the time or the skills, wouldn't know where to start" and at the moment you're probably right. That's exactly where I was 10 years ago, and it cost me a lot of time and money to see the error of my ways

Money paid to third party web designers seldom gets the results or rewards promised  when they get you to "sign up". That's the key phrase "sign up" because they won't "sell" you the website, or the knowledge and ability to maintain it

Well that all ends here. No sign up, no big fees. We can get you online for minimal cost, and you can pick and choose what you want and where you want it. When you've done all that, we'll show you how to do it yourself


How does the process start

Well, the whole thing is driven by you (did you see what I did there?) You might have a clear view of what it is you want, or you might prefer some ideas to spark your imagination. We can and will work with you to ensure you end up with what you want

The design of this website is mainly functional to show you the variety of formatting that is available to you

Go on then, How much is all this going to cost

Your spend is completely under you control but in reverse order

Ongoing website including hosting from £6.99p per month which you will pay direct to the hosting company when you take over

Domain name purchase is variable depending on the name itself. If you are selective they can be bought for under £20 for 2 years

Our fees are £99 for initial set-up including 1st months hosting but excluding domain name purchase, and £30 per hour thereafter for any further consultancy work undertaken. You call the shots. We're always here to help and charge a reasonable hourly rate for our services, which you can take advantage of on an ad hoc basis at a known cost


So if you need any further help it will be available, at a cost you know in advance. That in itself should be your motivation to explore the website interface and experiment with your layout, colour schemes, imagery and content. By doing this you will improve your skills and remain in full control of your site

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