Logo Design

Your logo, your call ...

Branding is important for any business

Look at any of the images and you will immediately recognise these international brands and what they stand for

This is the impression that your logo should give to your customers and the rest of the world (or your little piece of it at least

Having words or letters in your logo is a matter of choice, but there's no denying the impact an image

We can design you logo to your specifications, and provide the original imagery in a variety of sizes

As with our other services, we keep a simple pricing structure with all work being undertaken for the flat rate of £30 per hour

Logo request form

By ordering the artwork you are entering into an agreement to engage our services at our standard rate of £30 per hour. A simple logo can be created within one hour as long as you provide all the required information when ordering your logo

Additions and/or alterations mar incur further charges